Minimum 2 pages of writing, double spaced. Be sure to use APA formatting for title page, main body (in-text citations), and source citations on a separate reference page. 1. Identify and define your personal leadership characteristic in the context of any one of the five theoretical approaches discussed in Chapter 3. 2. From the perspective of one or more of the three key variables (leader, follower, or the situation), summarize the characteristics of any one of the five approaches to leadership theory. And the book name is: Portolese Dias,Upperman, Trumpy. (2014). The Art of Leadership & Supervision (Version1.0.). WA D.C: Flat World Knowledge, Inc

Leadership theories are used for understanding how various situations will affect the style of leadership and improve the effectiveness. There are various approaches to leadership theory. The leadership approach that I personally connect with is inspirational or charismatic leadership.
This is depended on the charisma and the personal qualities of the leader wherein the leader is perceived as someone with strong vision and the one who has great sense of mission. He/she is able to arouse emotions among the followers which are strong. The power of leadership influence is based on the source and type of power which the leader holds.
The qualities of transformational leadership in the case of the leader includes compelling vision for the future and higher ideals appeal. There is importance given to traits of high confidence, dominance and self belief which is strong.

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