mobilising and sustaining continuous creativity and innovation

Learning Outcomes:

1. An in-depth knowledge and critical appreciation of Operations and Project Management tools and techniques for various business planning and decisions within organisations.

2. Effectively determine how Operations and Project Management can support the corporate strategic plan of an organisation, improve performance and implement change while using appropriate tools to support decisions and project planning.


Write about “Oman Air” that located in Sultanate of Oman. Focus on customer, continuous improvement, accuracy evaluation, attitude toward quality and employ involvement.

You will then need to write an individual Business Report focused on the following operations management questions:

Q1) Critically assess the quality requirements of the organization, existing quality processes and other relevant factors.

Q2) Develop a considered Quality Management Plan using a Total Quality Management (TQM) framework.

Q3) Critically evaluate how TQM can contribute to the Operations strategy and the overall strategic objectives of the organization.

Required points:

-Use appropriate operations management theory and techniques to solve, to an acceptable level, a variety of operations management issues;

-Deliver an acceptable submission that addresses set operations management issues in a chosen company or given case study.

Important points:

-You will need to produce a high-quality individual report that adheres to Business Report conventions (e.g. an appropriate format, an executive summary, etc.) and that displays a professional level of presentation and polish.

-You should critically analyse the chosen organisation using a combination of high-quality non-academic research and appropriate academic models and concepts from the literature, with a strong focus on Total Quality Management (TQM).

-You should demonstrate a sound evaluation of organisation’s quality requirements and operations strategy by giving logical recommendations based on your analysis and supported by strong evidence.

*** Words count = 1500 words.

*** In-Text Citations and References using Harvard style.

*** I have uploaded compressed file named “Materials” related to this work.

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