Modern companies focus too heavily on their global positions and spend too little time listening to customers in their home countries. Do you agree or disagree and why?

It basically depends on the company and its policies. Basically different organizations follow a set rule and always try to satisfy their existing customers to mitigate the issues and fulfill their desiring needs. It is true that the organization has a keen focus to expand its business globally to increase the profits and to provide its range of services for the needs of the people. But, it depends when it comes to listen to customers and to provide the service in its home countries. From a research, it has obtained that most of the companies who have expanded its business have the highest potential service rate and they care for each customer for their business set up and goal making process. The service quality of most organization are quite good and there are some who do not bother about their customers but it is rare as from a single lead it will double its customers, simultaneously increase its profit. As in business the companies who provide immediate support get the maximum reputation from the customers and in this way one too many, the chain system continues to spread its effectiveness or kindness service for the customers. Therefore, it can disagree that modern companies do not bother for their home countries customers; they have the long range of service providers who sort out or resolve any matter within a short span of time.

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