Module 02 Discussion – Today’s American Government Separation of Church and State is a tenet of American Government. Discuss how Augustine and Aquinas might view the current relationship between the government and religion. Please respond other students post!! By. Mrs. Smith, Augustine and Aquinas had a much stronger opinion of church within the government than our current President. You do see the some of it when they do their speeches and are swore into the presidency but it isn’t as strong of a role as it did with Augustine and Aquinas. They considered God as the foundation of politics and that the government should serve the interests of the church. In our current environment the focus is on defending the country and economics. “The ongoing political debate on the separation of church and state has been all too ambiguous in the use of political arguments of St. Augustine of Hippo. Politicians who include George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi have appealed to the elements of Augustine’s legacy. Particularly the critics of Augustine’s allegory of the two cities have often relied on his writings to argue for a strict church-state separation. Yet in contemporary political uses of Augustine, it remains unclear what the exact political implications of Augustine’s allegory are. ” This topic from the perspective journal is to show how there are some leaders that have tried to use some of Augustine and Aquinas’s theories and bring them to the current government. This ties into their speeches and bringing church into them as well as seeing pictures of the family headed to mass together. Again, very different level of bringing church into the government that Augustine and Aquinas since their entire basis was on it. Reference:

it is my belief that Church should contribute to highest level of social welfare , administration, fair system of national political development and economical development of USA. I think Augustine and Aquinas have shown many relevant for presidential government to act towards the promoting the Church’s humanities cause. Church influence should be limited to only welfare activities. It must be separated from making interference in routine presidential functioning. It must be detached itself from political activities.

It is up to leaders, bureaucrats, politicians, civil society members, citizens etc. that how they will utilize the best learning’s from the Church’s and its impact on their society or workplace.

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