module 4 english comp

Deliverable 04 – English Composition


Apply APA documentation techniques correctly in research.


Using the Rasmussen College library (online database) for all resources, find a topic you feel is suitable (real world, everyday life) for a brief 2-3 page research paper, and compose an annotated bibliography (not the entire paper) of 100 word annotations from a minimum of five resources from credible academic databases or eBooks. Be sure to employ APA method of documentation.

Grading Rubric







Not Submitted

No Pass




Use of APA Word File Setup with Cover Sheet

Not Submitted

No Word file submitted in APA formatting with cover sheet.

Word file and cover sheet in APA formatting is attempted with major errors.

Word file and cover sheet in APA formatting is attempted with minor errors of omission.

Word file and cover sheet are submitted for this assignment in complete & correct formatting.

Use of Credible Resources from Databases

Not Submitted

Resources fewer than five and/or some resources are not from Rasmussen College databases and/or are not current resources.

Five resources used but several are not from Rasmussen College databases and/or are not current resources.

Five resources used from Rasmussen College databases; however, not all pertain to the issue as indicated and/or are not current resources.

All resources are included and are from Rasmussen College databases and are current resources.

Titles of Resources in APA

Not submitted

No attempt at an organized APA references list is evident or the submission does not follow APA format accurately.

Attempt at organizing into an APA references list contains all resources; however, list does not completely follow correct APA usage.

Organization of reference list of resources for the annotations is almost complete; however, some errors in APA usage are evident.

An organized effort of references of resources for the annotations is completed in correct APA notations.


Not submitted

Incomplete information is evident throughout the annotations which are not fully developed or do not summarize the source correctly.

Most annotations are complete and follow organized pattern; however they do not all show accurate annotations as instructed and/or point out the information gathered.

Some annotations contain errors of organization that do not interrupt the meaning of the annotation as presented, but are not all clear.

Varied sentence structure and complex sentences handled correctly in giving good summation of the annotations.

Grammar and Mechanics

Not submitted

Many grammatical and mechanical errors show lack of proofreading and editing prior to submission.

Some grammatical errors evident in annotations that sometimes obstruct the meaning of the annotation summary.

Very few errors in sentences appear, and do not seem to change the readerĂ¢â‚¬™s perception of the information summary.

No grammatical or mechanical errors evident in complete variety of simple and complex sentences present an accurate annotation summary.

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