Morrison: The Bluest Eye

This assignment was already due tonight but the teacher that promised me it would be done just disappeared, try contacting him multiple times yet nothing. So I am re-assigning this to anyone willing to get it done ASAP. I’ll make it due by tomorrow night at 10pm. 


Based on the book by: Morrison’s The Bluest Eye answer these 9 questions:


1. Who narrates the story? What voices and points of view are used and how do they affect your understanding of the novel?

2. Comment on the Preface. Who is speaking? From where? Identify the main metaphor and summarize what we find out in the preface.

3. The Breedloves are described as “ugly” throughout the narrative. Comment on this description and on how it makes Pecola feel.

4. Who is Maureen? What is Claudia’s attitude toward her?

5. Who is Geraldine? How does the narrator characterize her? Also, what is her reaction to Pecola? Why do you think she reacts in the way she reacts?

6. Discuss Cholly’s boyhood. Whom does he identify with? Whom does he resemble?

7. Discuss Cholly’s rape of his daughter. How is the scene described? Why does Morrison choose this approach to the writing?

8. Why does Pecola come to see Soaphead? How does he react? Discuss the letter he writes to God.


9. Whom does Pecola talk to in the next to last section? What does this scene contribute to the novel’s meaning and plot development?

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