Most people are happier and healthier when they have positive feelings about their jobs and the organization for which they work. In a short essay, evaluate the relationship between job satisfaction and employee trust in management. Include your assessment of which factor has a greater influence on employee performance. Please write a typed out response that is 6-8 sentences.

Job satisfaction is a result of being passionate about the work that is allotted to us and to develop such attitudes that are necessary to undertake the job in the most desirable way. When there are inducements that motivate the employees to work harder thereby being more productive to the Organizations, such a productivity could be rewarded aptly by the Organization. The reward criteria, when designed well, can have positive implications upon the minds of the employees thereby raising their morale and rising their levels of job satisfaction in an Organization. In this regard, there could be a development of fiduciary relationship between the employees and the Management. A feeling of belongingness on the part of the employees could be enhanced that may in turn help the management to get the ideas especially pertaining to the change, if any, in an Organizational set up, more acceptable, because these employees are in a better position to comprehend the issues of the Organization as they consider them as that of their own. Job satisfaction also rises with the loyalty thereby enabling more connection with the Organizational values and culture. When the work gets appreciated and due regards is given for the same, the job time are well defined and overtime allowances are also in place, all this goes into determining the job satisfaction as well. More the job satisfaction, better the productivity, and therefore more retentive employees in the Organization over a long period of time.

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