Multiple Choice 1 PT each 1. What is data? Raw facts that describe the characteristics of an event or object B. Data converted into a meaningful and useful context C. Information collected from multiple sources that analyzes patterns, trends, and relationships for strategic decision making. D. Skills, experience, and expertise, coupled with information and intelligence,that cre ates a person’s intellectual resources 2. Which of the following is considered information? A. Quantity sold B. Date sold C Best-selling item by month D. All of the above 3. Cooking a patty and putting the ingredients together are included in which category of making a hamburger? A. Input 8. Process C. Output D. All of these 4. Business intelligence is information collected from multiple sources. Which of the following provides an example of a source that would be included in business intelligence? A Suppliers. B. Customers. C. Competitors. All of the above. 5. Identifying competitive advantages can be difficult and explains why they are typically Temporary B. Satisfactory C. Terminated D. Unsuccessful 4th Edition Baltzan

Answer: A – Raw facts that describes the characteristics of an event or object.

Explanation: The Data could be defined as the facts and various statistics, which are accumulated for the purpose of any research or to give any reference.

Note: Only first question is answered as per Chegg policy.


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