Name and describe 7 of the torts that protect against the intentional interference with persons? What are 4 defenses that can be brought by a defendant in a product liability lawsuit? Name and describe each of these defenses Describe 4 elements a plaintiff must prove to establish the tort of defamation? Describe the defense that may be successful against a charge of wrongful interference with a business relationship. Name and describe the 4 elements a plaintiff must prove to establish the tort of negligence

(1) 7 torts that protect against the intentional interference with peraon :-

1- Battery :- In common law , Battery is a tort in which one person brings about harmful or offensive contact with other person or something that is very closely associated to that person.

2 – False Imprisonment :- It is a tort in which a plaintiff is confined or restricted by the defendant in his personal movement in any area without any justification.

3 – Intentional infliction of emotional distress – In common law, it is tort in which plaintiff can recover from severe emotional distress caused by defendant by his extremely outrageous behaviour done by him intentionally.

4 – Privacy Invasion :- in this common law tort aggrieved party is allowed to file lawsuit against the intruder in his/her personal affairs, disclosses his /her private information , put his/her in false light for his personal gain.

5 – Defamation :- Defamation is committed when one person has communicated false statement against another person cutting that person in false light and which can harm his reputation.

6 – Assault – Assault is tort in common law in which one person act intentionally, either specific or general intent, of causing another person reasonable apprehension of an immediate harmful or offensive act.

7 – Fraudulent Misrepresentation :- it occurs when one person intentionally misrepresent something to decieve another with the knowledge of false subject matter.

(2) the common defenses taken by tortfeasors can be

1 – the product design or defect didn’t cause any injury to plaintiff

2 – the other one taken can be that the plaintiff was negligent . The onus of proof is on defendant to prove the negligence caused.

3 – The plaintiff’s assumption of risk – In certain cases the defendant has to prove that plaintiff already had the assupassumof risk in taking that product.

4 – Expiration of limitations statute is one of the defense.

5 – Specific breach of warranty.

(3) 4 elements plaintiff must prove to establish tort of Defamation are :-

1- There must be defamatory statement.

2- That defamatory statement must be communicated or published to the third party.

3 – The statement made is false or published negligent by the defendant.

4 – The damages caused to plaintiff due to the false statement made or published against him.

(4) The defense that can be taken against the charge of wrongful interference with a business relationship by the defendant if he proves that the interference was permissible and justified and was done with bona fide competitive behaviour due to aggressive market competition.

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