This activity will give you the opportunity to list objects you would include in a Naturalist Center and describe two activities students would complete in this center

The Assignment
1. List all of the objects you would include in a Naturalist Center. Everything that a student needs to complete activities should be in the center. Even writing materials.

2. Based on the objects you included, list two different activities you will have the student complete. Be sure to include materials and step by step directions for each activity.

Grading Criteria
All materials should be listed and appropriate for the center. (40 points) Two activities with step by step instructions should be listed. (40 points) Spelling and Grammar are counted (20 points)

Resources – cite any sources used to complete the assignment

CHAPTERS The World around Us: Naturalist Intelligence

Standard equipment at naturalist centers consists of simple, easy-to-find items. Some possibilities include: funnels

sponges, corks, washers food coloring

Recording Materials:

Equipping a Naturalist Center markers
Collecting Tools: note cards
paper and plastic cups

plastic wrap

clear sorting containers



tape recorder camcorder


sketch pads


Observing and Measuring Equipment: rocks shells
jeweler loupes magnifying glasses thermometers microscopes binoculars

spoon and cup sets scales



seed pods sand dollars twigs

preserved insects fibers

grains seeds leaves



Animal Equipment: cages, boxes, tubs insect cages or jars bird houses aquarium With a classroom naturalist center established, students can pursue a variety of activities that extend to any discipline. Some samples follow that engage students in the naturalist skills of observing, recognizing patterns, classifying, and experi
Gardening Equipment: menting.
egg cartons

milk cartons cut in half

plant pots

potting soil

garden tools


Naturalist Center Activities

1. Ask students to place specimens under the microscope or look at them with a jeweler’s loupe. To categorize, recognize patterns, and make analogies and inferences, students

If Desired, Water Table Equipment: can answer questions such as:

What else does this remind me of)


plastic containers sieves

How does this compare with … ?

How is this similar to … ?

Why is this the way it is?


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