Need a business idea for your Business Plan, It must be a service type of business with no “brick and mortar” location requiring a maximum $10,000 investment. In addition, it should benefit society. ( Google Social Entrepreneurship)

Following is a business idea which mitigates the problem of gardening and to get a greener society in the urban areas with less efforts.


Most of the Gardens have the weeding problem to solve this specific problem This problem requires constant maintenance of the garden which requires time and increase the overall cost of the equipment used. Garden require proper investment as a for the maintenance of their plantation. As we are living very fast moving society,Level of care needed for the garden is not feasible for most individuals. This specific problem is mostly occurring in the cities where people have very fast moving life and don’t have time to manage their Gardens. This product would be specially for the city is there this fast moving would be incorporated with another product to successfully managed and create a better Garden. Maintenance of a garden would be automated which would directly provide a better gardening for city purposes.


we are going to design a lawn mower which works on the solar energy and stays in the garden. The product will be waterproof and would not be needing any kind of charging from external source is it would be safe charging and have Sensors for detecting the weed. It will automatically cut off excessive grass and weed from the garden and does not require any kind of maintenance. This lawn mower wood be having capability to operate on itself and to maintain its cleaning as well as a reporting. By having a rugged automatic lawn mower for the gardens in the cities, very less effort would be needed to maintain the garden and maintain the plants.This product will ensure the quality growth of the plants in the garden and would provide an effortless gardening.


Lawnmower would be having a rigid body with solar panel attached on top of it. It would be having big rubber wheels. it would also be having ability to move around in the garden as it would have a bit higher ground clearance.This would enable the lawnmower to move around easily on the rough terrain. High RPM motor which would be based on the gearbox system would ensure a better power ratio.
Prototype would be having a Lithium- Ion battery pack which would be enough to get the device running for 3 days even if the sun is not in the sky. It would have infrared and sonar sensors as well as a weed detecting photochromatic sensors which would be automatically detecting the weed and cutting it off as soon as it is detected.Week plucker option would also be tested to report the type of weed and to find the best available pesticide for reducing the effect of the weedings. It would also have smart connection and GPS so you can operate the lawnmower without even going to the lawnmower.Body would be the ABS plastic which would be shock resistant and could withstand high temperatures and extreme weather conditions.


Testing would be done in actual conditions and the prototype would be left to the garden and later it would be taken out to analyse the specific result and condition of a garden would also be measured.This testing pattern would be continued for a larger time span and intense testing would be carried out for the lawnmower.
Prototypes would be given to the people in the local region where the prototype would be produced to measure the efficiency of the lawnmower.This testing procedure would provide information about lawnmower’s location withstanding capabilities. By giving out lawnmower to the different regions with different weather conditions would also be our main testing program.Measurement would be remotely taken on a pre defined time periods to ensure an intense measurement of the data which is obtained.


Taking feedback from the customer would be the most essential part as it would contain question about the quality and the usability of the product. And decide the price. Of the lawnmower according to the voice of the customer. By having different question as as well as service over different platforms such as Internet and the tradition platforms like offline service would be our main source of feedback.
An online portal would be set up for entering the experience of the users of the prototypes. This practice will provide a better information over data analysis and it would be beneficial for the company to know about the individual experiences.

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