Need a business idea, It must be a service type of business with no “brick and mortar” location requiring a maximum $10,000 investment. In addition, it should benefit society. ( Google Social Entrepreneurship)

A business idea, It must be a service type of business with no “brick and mortar” location requiring a maximum $10,000 investment would be that of developing a mobile application. These days, with smartphones being a huge hit in the market, this business will penetrate well. The new service idea that I can come up with in this regard, is hence pertaining to the Technology field. An application could be developed called ‘V-Can’. It shall be an application designed for the citizens and to be catered by the citizens themselves. The target audience initially would only restrict to the domestic boundaries of the city however, if successful, then there shall be enough scope to spread the wings of this technology to the boundaries beyond the city limit as well thereby catering to the larger crowd of the country.

The technology would unique in the following way:

In case of any help required by the citizens who have got stranded on the highways or at such places where it shall take a while to call for the Ambulance or other emergency services, then in such a case, the citizen can log into our Application ‘V-Can’ and seek for help from the other users in the nearby zone, stating in brief the emergency situation.
The other citizens around the area where this citizen needs help, could respond first in the Application itself, asking about the further details of the location, if need be, or what type of exact service needed in distress.
One briefed, such other concerned citizen could rush for help with the required resources at that site or coordinate from his/her end with the other emergency services to ensure the service reach to the victim on time.
The unique concept of this application is that, services could be availed by the victim at even God-forsaken hours of the day and the citizens residing nearby could be availed for the help in a short period of time.
Further, to such other citizens who are the responsible and concerned public as well, can also play a part in serving the society and giving back to it in whatever little way possible.
In the market, this application thought of expanding to include not just the near ones but also the responsible citizens of the nation, who may not even know the person in distress but shall be still willing to help. The user of this application could be in need of any kind of help ranging from flat tire in the middle of a highway to need of an ambulance. I may approach the Public Relations team to undertake the marketing of this activity, especially by collaborating this application with certain important Companies who urge to develop the social and civic environment of the Community. Such Companies could be certain Non-Governmental organizations or Non-Profit Organizations that care for women safety and reaching out to the people in distress. I could further associate myself with various media and entertainment houses that shall serve purpose of both the parties: to me, it will find more users downloading the same and to such Companies who are willing to undertake the promotion of our application on their channels, by creating more Goodwill and popularity of this venture and thereby in a way, appreciate these Companies as well for the same.

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