Need a Business Plan idea It must be a service business with a maximum investment of $10,000 which has some benefit for society as well as making a profit. It also cannot have a physical “brick and mortar” location.

The best option is to start a website to help people choose the best health insurance available in the market based on the needs of the family. The only major investment here is the development of the website and it can cost around $6000. The remaining money can be spent on the digital marketing activities to attract the customers. Initially, the company needs to talk to all the major players in the market and have an agreement signed with them. Every health insurance bought on the website will result in a commission of the company from the health insurance companies. This will also benefit the society because the people always fail in choosing the right health insurance and through this platform we can create various criteria and allow the people to analyze what is right for them and also provide the service at a cheaper price compared to standard market price.

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