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This assignment is a journal about a negtiation excersize that took place in the classroom. The negotiation was about a coffee contract and I was the BUYER. make sure please that you write as the buyer. The excersize is attached. 2 pages for introduction, 2 pages for conclusion, and 1 page for the questions below, all double spaced.



Each student must keep a journal identifying what he/she learned from each of the negotiation exercises.  Entries are intended to be reflective.  The journal should not be a permanent record of what happened in the negotiation, but rather what went on in your head.  There should be one entry for each negotiation, plus the introduction and summary discussed below.


Journal entries might address the following:


–  Briefly describe what happened in the activity (note only key elements)


– What did you learn about negotiation from the simulation?


– What surprised you about your behavior?  Your opponents?


– What did you learn about yourself?  About others?


– If you had the chance to do this negotiation over, what would you do differently?


– How did this experience compare to others that you have had in similar or

comparable circumstances?


–   How did the concepts in the lectures or readings enrich your understanding of the processes of negotiation, its outcome, and/or your own negotiation style?


In addition to the entries for each negotiation, you should prepare a two  page (double spaced) introduction stating what you expect to get out of the course, and conclude with a two page (double spaced) summary of what you actually learned from the negotiation



My focus when grading will be on your ability to integrate information from the readings and class discussions with the lessons learned from participating in the negotiation exercises.  I will look for evidence of insight and reflective thinking.

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