Network Security & Technologies

Using the text book to complete this assignment Open your book on page 326 and at the bottom of the page you see a case study for “Researching Past and Current Cyber Attacks” You will research on the web at least 2 different cyber attacks (one of those can be an old one – more than 2-3 years old, and the other one needs to be as recent as possible, preferably within the past one year). For each case you find you will write in the text box provided below and you write a few paragraphs (minimum of 300 words) based on the questions of item 3 of that case study. You should not write simply answers to the questions, let the questions guide your writing like you are doing a report about each case you found. Do not forget to mention the references you used for your report and, of course, you should not count the words in the references as part of your report.

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