networking 56

This week we focus on segmenting networks properly whether it is wired or wireless.

Moooaarr Updates!

·Update your project to reflect the changes in security and technology that you have learned over the past two weeks.

·Include a NetBIOS naming scheme for the systems that will be on the network to easily identify systems over the network.

Every device on the network must have an address to be reachable, and to communicate with the internet

·Learn about what IPV4 is by watching this LinkedIn Learning video: Understanding IPv4 from the course: Setting Up a Small-Office Network

·Watch a LinkedIn Learning video about how to subnet properly: Learning Subnetting with Kevin Wallace

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t understand it immediately! Try reading a few different sources about it and it will make sense, such as this one: How to Subnet A Network Article

Or this LinkedIn Learning video: Subnetting with IPv4 from the course: Networking Foundations: IP Addressing

For your task, submit 250 word document describing to a fellow undergraduate how to assign network addresses.

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