new assignment 22

fisrt of all, you have to read assignment 1 and 2 to answer this assignment 3

please check the files , it’s all clear in them. please put the cover page and don’t copy or paste anything. thank you

the questions of assignment 3 are :

again, this assignment is also sequel of assignments 1 and 2 .

After publishing advertisements in several channels, the school committee receives a lot of applications for hiring new teaching and non-teaching staff, so answer the following questions-

  • You have to First shortlist the candidates from the applications received
  • Set at least three criteria for shortlisting the candidate, explain briefly, why you are choosing such criteria for desired candidates.
  • Explain each criterion in 50-100 words.
  • Q2 Draft an “Interview Call Letter” for sending to shortlisted Candidates. 100 words
    Before answering this question, refer to Chapter 13 & Chapter 14 from the course Textbook.
  • Q3 Prepare a Behaviour Based Common Interview Question for the Interview.
    – While preparing behaviour-based questions for conducting the interview, the student has to include five questions of their own (remember: behaviour-based questions. So, questions like “what’s your name” or “what’s your address” do not count).
    Questions that can be answer by Yes/No only, will not also be accepted
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