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The assignments calls for you to identify three methodologies that would be fit to answer the research topic or research questions if you narrow the topic to a more specific focus.

If you go back to my slides on NGM II Loop, I classify methodologies into two tiers: qualitative vs quantitative. In NGM II, we would be focusing on quantitative methodologies.

In its simplest interpretation, quantitative means gathering quantifiable data (quantity) so that you can conduct various statistical analyses. In general, quantifiable data have the characteristics or being “objective measures” vs subjective.

Back to the slides again, I list a number of methodologies that are quantitative: descriptive, correlational, experimental etc. I also create a table where you can try to match the type of knowledge you are seeking with the type of methodology you should choose.

For example, if your question is investigating the association/relation between this and that, then a correlational methodology is best suited.

For the same topic, you could be looking at the effect of this on that. In the latter, perhaps an experimental methodology would be more suited where you investigated if one thing actually impacts or even causes another thing.

Above is what we mean by the concept of “methodology”

In general the methodology should describe the knowledge you are seeking (as above) and how you are going to collect the answers. Collecting the answers is collecting your data. Will you be looking at secondary data published online and modeling the association using statistical models? or will you be drafting a survey and administering it to people then collecting the answers. The important thing here is whichever answer you collect and in whatever manner you wish to collect it, the data has to be quantifiable.

In this case, I identify method (not methodology) as the manner you use to collect the data. A survey is a method. But I would not call it a research methodology.

(please note, the latter two are used interchangeably in the literature).

In sum, for the assignment, you are to identify three methodologies.Part of the assignment as well is to identify the type of data you need. If it is data you collect using a survey then your method is survey collection and your methodology could be descriptive or correlational etc…

Re your question on panel data, I understand panel data as longitudinal data that means collected across a period of time. If the panel data is quantifiable then yes, you may use it. But if it is via interviews and qualitative, it would not be fit for this assignment.


Choose any one out of the 4 research topics provided below:

1. Early predictors of employee disengagement in the technology and telecommunication industry sector in Saudi Arabia

2. The determinants of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Saudi Arabia.

3. The perceived effectiveness of performance management systems in the healthcare sector in Saudi Arabia

4. Impact of public expenditure on the economic growth of Saudi Arabia.

Once you choose the research topic, you must identify and critically evaluate three suitable quantitative research methods that could be used to carry out research and analysis.

Next, choose one amongst the three methods that you have identified, which you think is most suitable to carry out research on the topic you have chosen.

Finally, briefly describe the data that you would use to study the chosen research topic.


1.Academic work at MSc. Level should refer to academic evidence /third party sources to evidence independent research and discrimination. Please use Harvard or APA reference style.

2.There is a selection of relevant reading journal articles on all these areas of research on google scholar.

3.Plagiarism will not be condoned.

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