nsg 456 apa style research paper 1

APA format. minimum 900 words

needs references too

need this done in 3 hours! DO NOT BID if not able to finish in 3 hours!

do not plagiarise from other sources!

My research question and topic to focus on is

“Is there a significant difference in the number of patient falls in the hospital setting for units that utilize a falls prevention assessment tool as compared to the number of patient falls in the hospital setting for units that do not utilize a falls prevention assessment tool? “

Fall assessment tool that I used is Hester Davis Fall scale.

This assignment is designed to help you understand the differences between qualitative and quantitative research designs, as well as select the appropriate method for the research question you have been working on throughout the course.

Step 1: Restate your Week 1 research question and select the type of research (quantitative or qualitative) that is most appropriate for it.

Step 2: Summarize the major steps in that type of research.

Step 3: Determine the specific type or approach (i.e., quasi-experimental, phenomenological, etc.) you would employ and explain why that is the best selection.

Step 4: Explain potential data.

Step 5: Explain how analyzing and interpreting that data can inform your research question.

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