NSG 511 WEEK 1 Nursing Theory Perspectives

This activity is designed to expose you to a variety of nursing theory perspectives.

Research several nursing theories and select one.

Analyze the theory. Your analysis should include:

Description of the theory’s background and influencing factors, including worldview
Explanation of the underlying assumptions
Summary of how the theorist views the five patterns of knowledge:
Empirical knowledge (the science)
Esthetic knowledge (the art)
Personal knowing (nurse-patient relationship)
Ethical knowing (what constitutes good actions for that patient)
Emancipatory knowing (sociopolitical considerations)
Evaluation of major strengths and weaknesses
Application strategies for clinical practice
Citation of case example from personal or professional life that describe the application in practice
Cite at least three scholarly articles.

Format your assignment as one of the following:

18- to 20-slide presentation
3- to 4-minute podcast
875-word paper
another format approved by your instructor
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.


NSG 511 WEEK 1 Nursing Theory Perspectives

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