offer an analysis of the misfit based on your reading of the o connor s story and john desmond s flannery o connor s misfit and the mystery of evil 1

Offer an analysis of The Misfit based on your reading of the O’Connor’s story and John Desmond’s Flannery O’Connor’s Misfit and The Mystery of Evil.

500 words (10 % rule applies)

“A good man is hard to find” story is found on page 5 on in the attachment

Second part

Generally, both Karma and Christian Realism can denote the result of a person’s actions as well as the actions themselves and that can be viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.

Prompt: Consider a theme of your own making that attempts an analysis of the two stories from Flannery O’Connor. Your theme should work from a center point: that center point being KARMA or CHRISTIAN REALISM.


  • 700 words plus or minus 10 percent.
  • Correct heading and Impressive Title
  • Strong thesis / theory statement that directly relates to Karma and/or Christian Realism;
  • Well-developed paragraphs that provide expansion and discussion of key concepts of your theme/thesis statement;
  • Effective, relevant, and correctly MLA or APA cited incorporation of examples from the short story that support and extend thesis/paragraph points;
  • Evidence of research that use at least two secondary, scholarly resources;
  • Sites that offer students “crib notes” should never be used as an academic source in your essays;
  • Conclusion that aims to summarize / philosophize over the significance of your thesis / theme
  • Absence of mechanical/grammatical errors
  • Works Cited provided in near perfect format
  • Essay correctly formatted to MLA / APA standards (see our course Resources page for an example of MLA formatting of essays)

Paper must be turn in as part 1 being 500 words paper 2 being an incorporation of paper 1, min of 700 words

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