op ed about global climate changing

the topic of the op ed I selected was global climate changing.

the title could be “global climate change could kill us”

1. I need two essays: the RIP project and the RIP essay. the RIP essay is analysis how you wrote your RIP project.

2. I already found an outside source and I still need 3 sources about 1) audience, 2) historical/cultural context, 3# Genre and Genre conventions.

3. the first file is the essay I wrote but most of them needed to be changed and the comments were from my professor.

several credible sources are important for op ed. my original essay was a film review of the day after tomorrow. but my professor said I should not stay with this movie since I changed it to op ed.

some examples can be the polar bears, and try to make people feel guilty and give them reason.

I had uploaded our class powerpoint. (very important!!!!!!!! )pleaser carefully read them.

this essay is important for me and the time is enough, please contact me if you have any question.

I will ask for refund if the essay does’t meet the requirements.

thank you so much!!!


The RIP Project (1000 word minimum)

= original written project you

create to persuade an audience of a particular message


The RIP Essay (1000 word minimum)

= an essay that analyzes WHY

you made the rhetorical choices you did in the project, and explores HOW

you employed knowledge of the rhetorical situation to be persuasive and



The topic sentences of the RIP essay will be connected to the major parts of

the rhetorical situation (message, audience, ethos, cultural/historical context,



See the model in Canvas where I’ve written 1,000 words outlining an entire RIP


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