Organizing and Preparing Reports

 Description Preparing an Analytical Report: prepare a short report on one (1) of the following cases. Make any assumptions and collect any background information needed to make an informed decision. Reviewing this list may help you identify a business-related problem you have encountered that you would like to investigate; evaluate possible alternative solutions, and make a recommendation. a. Recommend a digital camera for your regional quality assurance inspectors of a national convenience store chain. The inspectors will use the camera to enhance the quality of periodic reports documenting each store‚Äôs adherence to company policies (e.g., visibility of company signage, friendliness of staff, cleanliness of restrooms). b. As director of human resources, investigate the merits of adopting a corporate policy banning cell usage by employees driving company vehicles. The legislature of your state has not banned cell phone usage while driving. c. A national study suggests that employees who participate regularly in formal fitness programs file fewer health insurance claims than those who do not. As a member of the board of directors, weigh alternatives and present a plan that would provide employees an incentive to participate actively in a fitness program.

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