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Choose three (3) of the six (6) Baccalaureate Program Outcomes


  1. 1. Identify health promotion and clinical intervention strategies for optimal individual and population wellness.
  3. 2. Deliver culturally responsive, patient and family-centered care that integrates evidence and is based on a foundation of a liberal arts education.
  5. 3. Use information technologies, teamwork strategies and collaborative communication to improve patient care and create a safe care environment.
  7. 4. Interpret the effects of health policy on populations and healthcare systems.
  9. 5. Engage in life-long scholarship and professional development.
  11. 6. Apply leadership skills with creativity, compassion, and commitment to engage self and others in promoting and managing healing environments.

Describe how you have met 3 out of 6 selected outcomes. Use specific examples to demonstrate how you have achieved the selected program outcomes. Specific examples may be drawn from coursework, clinical experiences, a patient assignment, or an interaction with a professional healthcare provider. You may also draw on your personal experiences as a member of the Curry College community to articulate how you have achieved these outcomes through interactions with a Curry College peer, faculty member, staff member, or administrative member (multiple examples)

nursing experts help


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