PADM 598 Non Profit Management

 Over the course of the quarter we have learned about and discussed the importance of a number of different nonprofit management topics, including, but not limited to: Legal frameworkEconomic theoriesPolitical theoriesSocial entrepreneurismVolunteer managementAdvocacyBoard governanceFundraisingNetworks and collaborationCapacity and strategy A former classmate living on the east coast, who has started a small local nonprofit, has reached out to you for advice. You understand that your friend has limited time to research all s/he should know about the nonprofit sector and managing a nonprofit organization. Based on what you’ve learned this quarter write your friend a letter explaining what are the 3 most valuable topics to understanding nonprofit management and why1. Assume your friend has a big heart and great intentions but little to no knowledge or familiarity with the nonprofit sector. Conclude your letter by sharing what you see as the biggest challenge facing a nonprofit manager and how s/he might face it. There is no right answer. Make an argument and convince me the 3 topics you’ve chosen are the most important.

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