Our task is one of intellectual labor.  Outside of class time, it is expected that you will work at the selected topics of our course.  This necessarily includes reading the assigned material and watching related videos and films.  You also have to produce content for a course portfolio as the visible product of your work.  These are the five minimal content areas you must produce:


·         Op-ed: A critical analysis of an op-ed piece of your choosing

·         Fallacies: Examples and explanations of fallacies from the real world

·         Morals and Markets: Concrete reflections on Sandel’s book

·         Videos: Reactions to course videos and films

·         Self-Assessment: A self-assessment of your education in this course


I recommend working on topics as they are fresh in your mind from our class.  Each content area is worth roughly 8 points, summing to 40 points.  However, I will judge the progress of the work and the product as a whole.


The format is your choice.  Minimally, one could produce written content in a Word document with separate content areas.  Or you could produce a website with different pages, a combination of text, images, and videos, or whatever your heart desires.  Here are three basic guidelines for the format:


·         The explanation of the concepts should display a depth of understanding shaped by the texts (and videos, etc.) and our discussions

·         Work needs to include citations from authors and speakers in our course


·         The final product should equate to at least 10-15 pages of written work

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