Each student is required to interview a male that they know about a particular health issue or topic that they have experienced, either currently or in the past. This will turn into 3-5 page paper, written in 12 point font and double spaced, discussing the men’s health issue that was focused on during the interview. You will need to do further research on the internet or library in order to further describe the health problem or issue, and cite your sources




a.10 points points: Clearly summarizing what was learned during the interview- defining the health issue or topic and personal experiences of the interviewee

b.5 points: Describing why the issue relates to men specifically  

c.5 points: Incidence or frequency of health issue/problem for men (how many men are affected by this?) compared to women 

d.15 points: More in-depth description of the topic- further research to back up what was learned in the interview- benefits or detriments of it, the health effects associated with it, symptoms of it, when to see a doctor or counselor, what kind of specialist you may need to see, any misconceptions about the topic, prevention strategies, treatment strategies (if a disease), the prognosis, how to practice it (if a health practice) where to find more information about it, any other useful information 

e.5 points: What are the main points, and what did you find to be most important?

f.5 points: Overall grammar and sentence/paragraph structure and organization

g.5 points: References cited in APA format 


References: You must have at least two sources for this paper, in addiction to citing the interview, cited in APA format (throughout the paper as well as a work cited). At least one out of the two should come from peer reviewed/scholarly journals. The remaining source can come from popular media (e.g. – magazines, websites). The IUB library has an excellent electronic journal collection

APA Format

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