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Discuss the pros and cons associated with establishing a patient portal system for a healthcare organization in terms of the seven ethical principles identified in your textbook. Identify the problems related to maintaining patient confidentiality and the processes a nurse informaticist should utilize to maximize the integrity of such a system.



1. This is an individual assignment consisting of a paper limited to 10 total pages, including a title page and reference pages.

2. Provide an introduction for your paper.

3. Discuss the pros and cons of a patient portal system.

4. Provide a literature review of issues related to maintaining patient confidentiality.

5. Discuss the processes the nurse informaticist should use to maximize the integrity of this system.

6. Provide a conclusion for your paper.

7. At least ten references should be identified in the presentation.

8. Use proper grammar/spelling/and APA format guidelines as applicable. Include an introduction and Conclusions or Recommendations section for your paper

nursing experts help

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