Perceptual Map For Sneaker Brand

Integrated Marketing (Fontana)

Homework: Perceptual Map – Sneaker Category


image1This week’s homework is to create a perceptual map, similar to the one we reviewed in class:

You will be creating a perceptual map for the sneaker category for the following brands:

Adidas Converse Puma New Balance Keds

Saucony K-Swiss Reebok ASICS Mizuno

Under Armor Brooks Vans Skechers Jordan

To do the map you will have to look at each brand and determine its personality, usage, users, main purpose, positioning, brand attributes and elements of the marketing mix.

You will determine what factors define the X and Y axis on your quadrant – that is up to you and how you determine to view the category.

ADDITIONALLY, you have to explain to me in a few sentences why you placed two (2) of the brands in a certain quadrant. You should do that talking about the brand and its competitors. Here are the brands each one of you has to explain further:

Keds and New Balance

This homework is due BEFORE the start of class next week.

image2.png image3.png

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