Personality And Team Effectiveness

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This problem-solving application profiles electronics retailer Best Buy. The entrance of Amazon and Walmart into the online resale marketplace gashed Best Buy’s instore sales. When you couple that with inefficient processes and procedures at the organization, and scandals with senior leadership, the organization really was in dire straits. Organizations such as Circuit City, CompUSA and RadioShack could not survive their problems, could Best Buy? In came new CEO Hubert Joly and CFO Sharon McCollam. They are now in the middle of the many challenges Best Buy is facing and need to find solutions to these major problems.

Some of Best Buy’s internal issues could best be addressed by ______

changing customer preferences

internal competition

demographic changes

participation/suggestions by employees

mergers and acquisitions

If Best Buy chose to compete by introducing online sales direct to the consumer, this would be an example of ______ change



radically innovative



Which type of analytical framework could help Best Buy develop a strategic plan?

competing values analysis

SWOT analysis

systems analysis

force field analysis

organizational development analysis

Best Buy might use all of the methods of change listed below. Which of these includes inputs, strategic plans, target elements of change, and outputs?

organizational structure plan

social factors method

organizational arrangement

three-stage model of planned change

systems model of change



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When other tactics will not work or are too expensive, the best approach to overcoming resistance to change is

facilitation and support

manipulation and co-optation

explicit and implicit coercion

participation and involvement

education and commitment

6. The majority of problems Best Buy is facing have been brought about by ______ forces.


The change brought about by online competition from Amazon and Walmart are examples of _____


Best Buy’s new CEO and CFO will need to function as catalysts in helping the organization to deal with old problems in new ways. They would then be known as


Recommend a solution to the problem outlined above in no more than 175- words


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