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Summary of Paper Having various beliefs, behaviors, languages, practices, and expressions considered unique to members of a specific ethnicity, race, or national origin may create a need for understanding cultural differences. This research paper will examine the need for cultural understanding, problems that arise because of cultural differences, and how business is conducted in various conflicting cultures. In a 12-point Times New Roman font. It should have 1-inch margins with no unusual spacing to stretch or shrink the paper. It should be fully referenced with a minimum of 15 references. At least five of these 15 references should be from refereed academic journal articles. APA format. References Andrew Spicer, & Wendy J. Bailey. (2007). When Does National Identity Matter? Convergence and Divergence in International Business Ethics. The Academy of Management Journal, (6), 1462. Retrieved from Budde-Sung, A. E. K. (2011). The increasing internationalization of the international business classroom: Cultural and generational considerations. Business Horizons, 54, 365–373. Caprar, D. V., Devinney, T. M., Kirkman, B. L., & Caligiuri, P. (n.d.). Conceptualizing and measuring culture in international business and management: From challenges to potential solutions. JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS STUDIES, 46(9), 1011–1027. French, J. L., & Wokutch, R. E. (2005). Child Workers, Globalization, and International Business Ethics: A Case Study in Brazil’s Export-Oriented Shoe Industry. Business Ethics Quarterly, 15(4), 615–640. Retrieved from Josmar Andrade, Kavita Miadaira Hamza, & Duarte Miguek Xara-Brasil. (2017). Business Ethics: International Analysis of Codes of Ethics and Conduct. REMark: Revista Brasileira de Marketing, Vol 16, Iss 1, Pp 01-15 (2017), (1), 01. Jovana Gardašević, & Jelena Vapa-Tankosić. (2015). International business: Raising cultural awareness in global negotiating. European Journal of Applied Economics, Vol 12, Iss 1, Pp 37-42 (2015), (1), 37. Lopez-Duarte, C., Vidal-Suarez, M. M., Gonzalez-Diaz, B., & Rosa Reis, N. (2016). Understanding the relevance of national culture in international business research: a quantitative analysis. Scientometrics, (3), 1553. Mehta, R., Larsen, T., Rosenbloom, B., & Ganitsky, J. (2006). The impact of cultural differences in U.S. business-to-business export marketing channel strategic alliances. Industrial Marketing Management, 35, 156–165. Neiman, P. (2013). A Social Contract for International Business Ethics. Journal of Business Ethics, 114(1), 75–90. Sanyal, R. (2005). Determinants of Bribery in International Business:

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