Philosophical Exegesis

 Description Directions: Choose one of the following excerpts from the readings that we have explored in class. Perform a 3 ½ to 4 page exegesis of this text. Remember, exegesis does not only mean re-stating the information in a clear fashion, but also entails contextualizing, situating, and providing coherent framework through which to interpret the text in question. Please remember to follow your style and formatting guidelines for assignments found on your syllabus Reading Selected: “The means which nature employs to bring about the development of innate capacities is that of antagonism within society, insofar as this antagonism becomes in the run the cause of a law-governed social order. By antagonism, in this context the unsocial sociability of men, that is, their tendency to come together in society, coupled, however with a continual resistance which constantly threatens to break this society up.” (Kant, ‘Idea for Universal History,’ pg. 44)

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