GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR DISCUSSIONS: Your contributions should be thoughtful and developed. Answer all parts of the question and use concepts from the course materials. Use a professional style of communication, with attention to grammar, spelling, and typos; cite your sources. Original posts must be between 350 and 500 words. Submit to assignment folder and

Make sure to read the resources and articles provided before CHOOSING ONE of the following topics to respond.

1. Consider the care-based claim that we are only morally obligated to those with whom we have relationships. Is there something appealing about this? Does it seem to violate the rule for impartiality? If it does not, how does it not?

2. Consider the types of Cloning. Should all types be ethically/morally/legally permissible? Should some types be allowed, while other types are not? For a cloning fact sheet go to

3. In Vitro Fertilisation and Fertility drugs have been in use, for four decades. There are other kinds of Artificial Reproductive Technologies. Should all types be ethically/morally permissible? Why or Why not?

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