Phoenix PHL 320 Rhetorical Strategies And Fallacies

For this assignment, you will identify fallacies of reasoning.  Reasoning is the part of the critical thinking process that allows us to  make logical arguments so problems can be solved and decisions can be  made.

Part 1

Review Ch. 5, 6, 7, and 8 of Critical Thinking (12th ed.).

Complete the Rhetorical Strategies and Fallacies Worksheet.

Part 2

Apply what you learned from completing the worksheet by doing the following:

  • Identify 10 rhetorical strategies or rhetorical fallacies that are  heard often within the workplace (does not have to be your workplace).
  • Identify the type of rhetorical strategy or rhetorical fallacy that  is being used, and then write an example of the stated rhetorical  strategy or rhetorical fallacy.

For example (not to be included as part of your assignment):

Ad hominem: I know that you got that  position over John because you were our manager’s favorite, even though  you are not qualified, and John has the experience and education.

Loaded question: Are our hours being reduced to prevent a layoff?

Complete the attached worksheet and the paper that is req

Rhetorical Strategies and Fallacies Worksheet

PHL/320 Version 7



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Rhetorical Strategies and Fallacies Worksheet


The following are some common rhetorical strategies:

· Innuendo: a leading suggestion

· Stereotype: generalized statements relating to a group of people

· Loaded questions: questions based on unjustified assumptions

· Hyperbole: an extreme exaggeration


Identify the rhetorical strategy in each of the following statements:

· Bobby may be a good bookkeeper, but you’ll notice he has a ton of bills. ______________

· If the Superintendent is so committed to increasing the scores in public schools, why are so many students failing and teachers resigning? ____________________

· All college students will graduate. __________________

· I simply won’t go into that department store; it’s full of snobbish people who disguise their happiness with designer handbags and shoes. _________________


The following are some common rhetorical fallacies:

· Slippery slope: If A happens, then B–Z will follow. Therefore, to prevent B–Z from happening, do not allow A to occur.

· Hasty generalization: rushing to form a conclusion based on assumptions; not based on clear evidence

· Post hoc ergo propter hoc: If A occurs after B, then B caused A.

· Either/or: looking at a situation from only two sides or oversimplifying the situation

· Ad hominem: attacking the person rather than attacking the argument

· Red herring or smoke screen: introducing an unrelated topic as a diversionary tactic


Identify the rhetorical fallacy in each of the following statements.

· Sally had a hamburger for dinner and does not feel well. It was the hamburger that made her not feel well. ___________________

· Although she is the top-performing cheerleader and captain of the team, we know she, like all cheerleaders, was selected for the squad because of her good looks. __________________

· I received a bonus within my first six weeks on the job, so I know I am going to receive a bonus often. __________________

· You can start exercising or die at a young age. _____________________

· He knows diamond mining is a dangerous job; however, how else can he earn his paycheck to care for his family? ______________________

· If you like to clean every day, it could lead to you becoming OCD, so you probably should not clean every day. ___________________



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