Pick one of the three topics below and prepare a one/two page paper. 1. Reflect on your own experience in groups with groupthink. Describe the situation in which you encountered groupthink, the symptoms that were present, and the outcome. What remedies for groupthink would you prescribe? Summarize your answers in memo form. Be sure you your example is from a personal experience rather than just reiterating what the textbook says about groupthink. (Check out video posted on GroupThink) 2. Think of a person whom you think is a particularly good member of a team. What makes him or her so? Think of someone who is a problematic team member. What makes this person a problem? Make sure you identify the criteria used to decide whether a person is a good team member or a problematic team member. 3. Think of am effective or ineffective team that you were on. Analyze the team using Tuckman’s five stages of a team. Describe how your team peformed in each phase. Storming, Forming, Norming, Peforming, and Adjourning. If your example is an ineffective team you might not have made it too all of the phases.

2) Good member of a Team = In my team, there is a person name “John” whom I consider as a good member. The reasons are:

High level of reliability = Whatever work is assigned to him, he ensures to complete the same within stipulated time with requisite quality. This helps to adhere to timelines and achieve the objectives as desired
Openly communicates with everyone which helps to maintain transparency
High patience level and handles the situation nicely in crisis scenario
Eager to learn and acquire knowledge due to which he is always open to take up challenging task
High level of commitment towards work which brings in efficiency
He is a good listener and takes feedback from other member wherever necessary
Problematic member of a Team = In my team, there is Dario whom I consider as problematic. The reasons are:

Makes excuse = For everything, he gives some or the other excuse whether it is related to work completion, assignments, project etc.
The quality of work is not up to the desired level and tries to do formality by completion
Doesn’t submits the work on time and thus is highly unreliable
Frequently gets indulged in quarrel and conflict with other team members
Lacks the listening skill and tries to have “boss” like attitude
The characteristics describe above can help to identify member as good or problematic

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