please do a powerpoint that can be talked about for 5 minutes and please do written report and informational interview

The purpose of this assignment is for you to think about your career goals and further your ability to achieve them. Taking time to learn more about either the career you’re interested in or a company you’d like to work for is an important step in achieving your goals.

To complete this assignment you will research a career or company that interests you, do an informational interview, present your findings to class, and write a report on your research.

The 3 parts to this assignment are:

  • Informational interview (40pts)
  • Oral presentation (40 pts) Instead: a Recorded PowerPoint presentation
  • Written report (20 pts)

Informational Interview (40 pts)

Oral Recorded PowerPoint Presentation (40 pts)

  • 5 – 7 minutes
  • Any visual media you choose PowerPoint
  • You are welcome to bring handouts, but this is not required

Choose one – Company of Interest or Career of Interest – to report on.

If you choose Company of interest

    • What’s the company and their demographics – name of company, number of employees, locations (domestic, international), years in business, etc. (8 pts)
    • What do they do? Do they have a primary focus? (8 pts)
    • Why are you interested in this company? (8 pts)
    • What would you like to do for this company? Think about the kind of role you could get right after graduation and the role you’d like to achieve after being in the company for a while. This does not have to be a specific job. (8 pts)
    • What did you learn from the informational interview? What action items do you have action items based on the information you learned? (8 pts)

If you choose Career of interest

    • What’s the career? Be specific. What is this career about? What does it do? Don’t just say, Product Design Engineer. Talk about what people do in that career. (8 pts)
    • What are the requirements for someone to get hired in this career? Degrees? Licences? Skills/Experience? etc. (10 pts)
    • What are 2-3 companies that hire people working in this career? Who are they and where are they located? (4 pts)
    • Why are you interested in this career? (10 pts)
    • What did you learn from the informational interview? What action items do you have based on the information you learned? (8 pts)

Written Report (20 pts)

  • Summarize your research. The report should include what you talked about in your oral presentation.
    • Include/incorporate the informational interview.
      • Who did you interview?
      • What questions did you ask?
      • What information did you learn?
  • No length requirement but it should include all the elements from your oral presentation. It needs to be well written (college level writing) with full sentences in paragraph form.

For full points you must:

  • Research a company or career of interest
  • Conduct an informational interview
  • Present your research to class Record a PowerPoint Presentation
  • Summarize your research in a written report
  • Upload the following to the Career Report assignment on Canvas
    • Your written report
    • Your recorded PowerPoint presentation/visual media
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