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Module 3 – SLP


This is the sixth and final section of your research proposal. You will discuss in detail the proposed Data Collection process. Again, please remember that because this is only a proposal, you will not really collect data. You will simply state how you plan on collecting data (hypothetically speaking). What specific data will be needed for the study? How many participants will you need? Will you need to travel or provide incentives or set-up meetings? Give details.

Next, what are the limitations of the study? These may include assumptions about the environment, population, and/or scope.

  • How will these assumptions be justified?

This SLP should be 1–2 pages.

SLP Assignment Expectations

Module 3 – Case


Case Assignment

This is the fifth section of your research proposal. For the Methodology section, you will need to consider what makes the most sense for your proposed study. What is the suggested methodology for tackling the research question (go back to the Module 1 Discussion and read the responses regarding the differences between quantitative and qualitative research). Explain why you chose one methodology over the other. Critique each method.

This paper should be 2–3 pages long.

Assignment Expectations

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