Please prepare a power point for the introduction part after reviewing questions and answers: (You don’t need to create actual powerpoint) What is your topic? Our group is taking the role of a property management company coming into an “old fashioned” part of town to persuade the citizens to vote yes on creating a sports arena. What is your group’s role? What is the audience’s role? (Who are you? Who is the audience?) Our role: We are a property management company, at a county meeting, presenting our plans for revival in the city as we hope to build a stadium Audience role: Citizens at a town meeting of the town we want to build a sports arena in What is the group’s goal for the audience? (What do you want the audience to do or know after the seminar?) Persuade the audience to see things from our point of view and to vote yes for the stadium to be built. Divide your topic into subtopics) and place these in the logical order. Be sure not to define too narrowly. Who will present each segment? Introduction – Get Attention (bad news that parts of town are coming down) Attention: The addition of a stadium can bring many positives for every citizen near and far from the new construction.

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