please read the business idea and answer the questions

Gym towel with built-in cellphone holder – this is for guys and girls who frequent the gym and hate having to carry their cellphones in their pockets. Most pants for guys offer pockets that are not big enough for phones, specially if you consider the size of the new iPhone Pro Max or Samsung Note. Girls have even less options, as they just started making gym pants with built-in pockets for phones. But, in the end, the size of the pocket remains a problem. Since everyone takes their phone to the gym to listen to music and most people at the gym carry around a towel to wipe down equipment (one of the first rules every gym goer learns in their first years at the gym), combining the two would make sense. The pouch for the phone would be similar to those arm-bands you see people wearing at the gym, allowing users to make any input selection without having to remove the phone from the pouch. The towel would be machine-washable to make it as easy as possible to customers to wash and dry it.

I need:

1- SWOT analysis

2- Target market: Who are your specific customers? Think about demographics: age, station in life (e.g., kids, no kids, married, single), ethnic background, geography, income level, etc.

3- the Lean Startup Canvas:

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