please read two articles and write a 5 pages essay

Please read two articles first: ( Coates, Selection from “Between the World and Me,” Wesley Yang, “Paper Tigers”) For those two articles I will have the e version attach. Please read the articles before writing. Please wrrite in proper MLA format and write 5 full pages. And please make sure each body paragraph has quotes from every article. The essay question is :In his essay “Paper Tigers” Wesley Yang explores the question of identity and what the role is of education in determining one’s position in a dominant culture. He senses that in his classroom experience he has been taught to behave and think in a certain way—and while there may be success after graduation, there is still a failure in that experience to better help him to negotiate with the world at large. Taneshi Coates responds in a similar way when looking back on what he went through in the classroom. For both, race and class are factors that create parameters that in set up boundaries to a more fully realized identity. What is more troubling is how school helps to further the limitations of one’s place in society.

Please consider this question.

How might education restrict one from realizing the potential of an identity?

Keep this idea in mind. We think that an education can help one succeed in society. However, both Coates and Yang force us to reconsider this mindset. Therefore, you need to ask yourself these questions in the essay.

1. What is an education? Clearly something is lacking in the experiences that Coates and Yang describe. What factors can you isolate that complicate one’s conventional understanding of an education?

2. What connections can you find in terms of race and class with Yang and Coates? Be specific. Yes, both are minorities—but what exactly does minority status in a dominant white society do in terms of education? What sort of roles are both expected to play?

3. If you do choose to integrate Ma into this essay, ask yourself, “what necessary edges might there be in either text?” You can also consider what both Coates and Yang have been taught. Does the education of either actually demonstrate how the classroom can create a sense of empathy for those who are different?

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