pol 100 essay 1

DIRECTIONS: Choose any THREEquestions that you want. Choose ONLY THREE. For EACH ONEyou choose, write an essay of about TWO TO THREE TYPED,DOUBLE-SPACED MLA STYLE PAGES. In each case, pay close attention to the actual question. Your FINAL PRODUCT SHOULD BE ABOUT SIX TO NINE PAGES IN TOTAL.YOU MAY USE ONE MLA HEADING, AND THE TITLE CAN BE MIDTERM EXAMINATION, AND PLEASE USE MLA PAGE NUMBERING. [You may, of course, use an MLA heading for each question if you prefer]. MLA STYLE REQUIRES DOUBLE-SPACING THROUGHOUT.


Choose THREE questions from the following five questions. Remember, choose only THREE. You may use any sources you want to, including the textbook, the weekly lessons, the class notes, the discussion board and your blog, the suggested web-sites, along with anything else. But, please note, if you USE ANYTHING THAT IS NOT PART OF OUR CLASS, YOU MUST DISCLOSE IT, either via a parenthetical MLA referenceOR in a Works Cited Page–in which case you could simply add a Works Cited page at the very end of your finished product.REMEMBER TO USE AN MLA HEADING, A TITLE WHICH CAN BE MIDTERM EXAM, AND USE MLA PAGE NUMBERING.

  1. Discuss the functions of the United States government. Point out at least THREE functions of the American government and give precise examples of each. Be specific. Which of the three that you have chosen to discuss do you think is the most important? Why?
  2. Discuss the key events that occurred at the Federal Convention in May to September of 1787. Focus on explaining the highlights of the Virginia and the New Jersey Plans. What happened? What is the exact structure of the American government? Be specific.
  3. Write an essay in which you pretend to be writing a review of the web-site www.USConstitution.netfor the education section of your local newspaper. From the point of view of an educator, explain the web-site’s features. Then, likewise keeping the educator’s perspective, explain whether or not you would recommend the web-site. If so, why and for what levels? If not, why not? Be specific and USE EXAMPLES DIRECTLY FROM THE WEB-SITE.
  4. Write a review of Chapter 3 of Harrison’s American Democracy Now. Begin by summarizing the main points of the chapter; use at least ONE MLA-Style quotationfrom the chapter.Then, tell whether the chapter adequately covers the material. Why is it good? Or why not? Be specific and use examples directly from the chapter.
  5. Go back to your Individual Blog. Based on everything you have written in it so far, craft an essay in which you discuss at least THREE things you have learned this term. What is each one? Why is each one important? How will this new knowledge help you in the future and why? Be specific, and use at LEAST ONE MLA STYLE QUOTATION FROM YOUR BLOG. Your MLA quotation will be referenced this way at the end of the “sentence in which you use the quote” (Your last name Individual Blog). Thus, if I were to “quote from my Blog, I would reference it this way at the end of the sentence” (Clock Individual Blog).

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