Policy Analysis Paper: Nursing shortage

Policy Analysis Paper: Writer will research a selected health policy topic and individually prepare a policy analysis paper on that topic. The writing topic will be on “nursing shortage”. The policy analysis topic needs to be related to a health care related concern of a specific U.S. population for which current governmental policies do not address or do not sufficiently address the issue.

The nursing shortage topic would need to be refined to a specific problem statement and it would need to be one for which governmental intervention is needed. To help accurately guide the writer, I have uploaded the grading rubric and a document with the detailed layout writing sequence and specific instructions for each section of the policy paper.

The policy analysis paper will have the below sections and will be prepared in APA format, 12 font and double spacing. The information cited comes from credible sources, such as peer-reviewed journals, government websites, or non-profit foundations (very important).

Title page
I. Executive summary
II. Problem statement
a. One sentence problem statement
b. Problem defined
c. Supporting evidence and background
d. Stakeholders’ perspectives
III. Existing policy(s): Current Remedies
IV. Evaluation Criteria: How to solve the problem
V. Policy Alternatives (3), Will it reduce cost? How will it help the situation? What are the positive outcomes?
VI. Projected outcomes table
VII. Analysis of trade-offs
VIII. Conclusion with recommendation
References page

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