prepare pdp for given medications on excel

Prepare custom summary report of top three Prescription Drug Plans (PDPs)

  • ï‚· Use Medicare Plan Finder to get information on PDPs.
    This web-based consumer tool provides a great deal of information. Because PDPs can differ in so many dimensions, the sheer volume of information is hard to process.
  • ï‚· Design and create a one-page-per-PDP sheet for the three lowest-cost PDPs. There is no pre-defined format or content for these summaries. Originality and creativity are encouraged in the hope of finding new and effective ways of compressing a large amount of PDP information into smaller package.(There are a few minimum requirements, spelled out in section 3.1)
  • ï‚· Design and create a one-page-summary of the 3 PDP sheets. Again, there is no pre-defined format or content for these summaries.

My selected drugs are:

Fluticasone / salmeterol 250- 50mcg/dose aerosol powder ||| Package:[Dispensable pack of 60 aerosol powders], Quantity:[1], Frequency:[Every month], Generic- Brand:[Generic]

Gabapentin 400mg capsule ||| Package:[], Quantity:[30], Frequency:[Every month], Generic-Brand:[Generic]

Humira 40mg/0.8ml pen injector kit ||| Package:[Box of 1 pen injector kit (sold in pack of 2)], Quantity:[1], Frequency:[Every month], Generic-Brand:[Brand]

Spiriva 18mcg capsule ||| Package:[Box of 30 capsules], Quantity:[1], Frequency:[Every month], Generic-Brand:[Brand]

Attached is an example of what another tutor did, except he did not choose the lowest three plans or cvs and Walgreens as the pharmacy.

also attached is a previous students work.

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