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Attach your completed part of the group presentation here. This should only include YOUR contribution to the final project.

Please include talking points if possible so i can read what i need for the actual presentation.

Slide 1: This slide will contain the first strategy which is embracing the belief system of being “colorblind”, “gender-blind”, “classless” and “race-blind” towards race and gender to promote equality and equitable distribution of resources despite the class status. As stated by ferguson, (2020) being colorblind is one way of addressing inequalities in out societies.

Slide 2: Equitable education for both minority and majority. The government should ensure that the learning institutions systems comfortably accommodate students from various background. From the book Mothering while Black, it is clear that the African-American mothers face challenges when making decisions on issues that relate to racial identity and gender. The middle-class parenting is much influenced by their racial identities, social class, and ideologies that the society has put in place. The book describes African-American racial identity as highly disentangled from the knowledge of economic struggle. According to Ferguson, race, social class, gender, and sexuality help in shaping individual identity. Equitable education is one an excellent way of ensuring there is an equitable society.

Slide 3: Another strategy of attaining equitable society is by ensuring that there is equity when it comes to the distribution of resources and wealth without considering race, gender, or social class. Apart from resources, there should also be equal access to public information to ensure there is an inclusive society. Above all, effective leadership is imperative for attaining an equitable society

Slide 4: Elimination of discrimination in all institutions and systems and promoting a culture of inclusivity. This will start by involvement of adolescents, according to class lectures; some researcher believes that racial identity fully emerges during adolescent. Equity is created by offering opportunities and making it accessible to people of all walks without many challenges (Kim & Belza, 2017).

Slide 5: A conclusion slide will contain book summary, how the author displays institutional racism, unequal treatment in terms of gender, race, and class. The book recount different classes of Africa-American women, and it illustrates how racial identity, class, and gender has influences on parenting. Also there will be compilation of strategies of attaining an equitable society.

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