presentation slides and speech

Students may analyze for-profit corporations, non-profit groups, universities and public sector groups, such as government agenices. For example, a student could choose either Taco Bell, the Sierra Club, Towson University or the National Park Service.

Only one student can have a particular company or organization. If you know what company you want to have as your subject, please email to stake your claim. Email time stamps will decide disputes.

Students may pick companies that start-up concerns or relatively unknown entities that essentially only market through social media. They also can pick well known concerns

For this assignment you will prepare an oral presentation of a company’s mobile technology platforms. The choice of company is up to you. You will analyze the effectiveness of all the companies apps or social media sites. For example, the company app, Facebook page, Pinterest board, blog, Twitter page and so on. For each site/app you will address the following:

1. Describe the interaction between the company and its customers via each of the platforms used. How active is each social media page? Does the company respond to complaints? What sort of posts are made to their Facebook page, for example? Are the social media pages easy to use, useful, and does the the writing style reflects the needs of customers who use these platforms.

2. If the company has an app, what are the features of the app? Is it easy to use, what information does the app provide for customers? Do they offer coupons? Sales ads? In what ways can the consumer interact with the app features?

3. Does the company’s website fit well on a smartphone or tablet screen? Describe the content, presentation and links, color, graphics, and writing style of the website. Is it easy to navigate?

4. Who is the company’s target audience? How do they appeal to this audience on their sites and app?

Oral presentations should use power points for give students an idea what the apps look like and what the entitty’s website looks like.

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