Prevention, Pollution, Air, Water, And Food



Be sure to read the required materials and watch these two videos:

Rebuilding Places of the Heart (Links to an external site.)

Social Policy in Concrete (Links to an external site.) 

These videos are designed to provide you with a broad understanding of the topics that are discussed in class. This week, our focus is on understanding public health basics: prevention of disease, clean air, clean water, and food supplies. You will also learn about how different cities approach and manage their public health issues for residents’ maximum well-being.

This week, evaluate your own community in terms of integrated approaches to public health. Select a focus on disease prevention and control, air, water, or food.

· What community-based strategies do you see in place to protect health?

· What health services, local organizations, or national organizations exist to support wellness in your area of focus?

· Does pollution or contamination in your area impact the focus you selected?

· What does your community need to do to improve public health in the area you selected for this discussion?


350-450 words excluding references, APA format and a minimum of 3 references




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