principle of muscle development

Please answer the following questions in full sentences.

1 Describe the 4 Basic Training Principles?

2 There are two Primary Types of Muscle Fibers. Name each one and describe two types of exercise for each fiber?

3 1.What are the differences between a Stabilizing Muscle and a Prime Mover Muscle?

4 Describe the three types of Resistance Exercises and give a modality for each.

  • Variable-Resistance Exercise –
  • Isotonic Exercise –
  • Isometric Exercise –
  • Aerobic Exercise –
  • Anaerobic Exercise –

5 What is a Set in Resistance Training?

6 Describe Repetitions (Reps) in Resistance Training?

7 For Muscle Strength, how many Sets @ Reps should one perform?

8 For Muscle Endurance, how many Sets @ Reps should one perform?

9 For Power Lifting, how many Sets @ Reps should one perform?

10 Describe the Pyramid System Training Routine and give an example with a Flat Bench Press?

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