Prison Drug Trading Presentation

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Imagine you are a corrections professional working in a prison. You come across an inmate who appears to be under the influence of a drug. You take action against the inmate and immediately remove him from the rest of the population. You must now justify your actions through a presentation to your immediate supervisor.

Obtain an instructor-assigned drug from the following list:

o Alcohol

Create an 8- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation explaining the situation and justifying your actions to your supervisor. Include the following:

o Describe the symptoms you observed that led you to believe the inmate was under the influence of a drug.

o Describe the physiological effects of the drug you believe the inmate used.

o Describe the possible consequences of leaving the inmate with the general population.

o Explain why you do or do not believe other inmates are using the substance, as well.

o Propose a plan for determining if the substance is being sold within the prison.


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