Problem 8-12 A toy manufacturer produces toys in five locations throughout the country. Raw materials (primarily barrels of powdered plastic) will be shipped from a new, centralized warehouse whose location is to be determined. The monthly quantities to be shipped to each location are the same. A coordinate system has been established, and the coordinates of each location have been determined as shown. Determine the coordinates of the centralized warehouse. (Round x¯x¯ and y¯y¯ to 1 decimal place.) Location (x,y) A 2,7 B 8,3 C 8,8 D 4,1 E 6,5 x¯x¯ = , y¯y¯ = .

The location of the central warehouse should be at the center of gravity.

So the coordinates shall be:

((2+8+8+4+6)/5), ((7+3+8+1+5)/5)


x¯x¯ = 28/5 , y¯y¯ =24/5

SO, in integer terms : x¯x¯ = 5.6 , y¯y¯ =4.8

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