procedures literature review

After interviewing young teen boy and girl from high school, they wanted to change the methodology to better reflect the voices of the youth. After a long strategic meeting, it was agreed that the methodology would change to semi-structured interviews of the youth. This means a smaller sample, but it will allow us to capture what the youth feel are risk and protective factors for delinquency in their schools and neighborhoods.

Write a procedures part of a literature review. Answer the questions below based on the study

Qualitative methods to address community needs/ needs for decreasing levels of juvenile delinquency….

  • Give a cookbook recipe for an exact replication of your study.
  • Write at the operational level (link to concepts introduced earlier).
  • Begin with recruitment into study or arrival for study and conclude with debriefing. •Questions to answer:
  • -Where was the study conducted (setting)?

    -What was the chronological sequence of events that participants experienced? -Were participants run individually or in groups?

    -How long did participation take?

    -How was topic/study introduced to participants?

    -What instructions were provided?-How were independent variables manipulated? -How were subject and dependent variables measured?

    -In what order were measures and other tasks completed?

    -What procedural checks were completed to avert potential sources of bias in implementation of the manipulation(s) and assessment?

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